Transocean Maritime is a Ship Management company that was established in 2011 by professional people who have a lot of experiences in Shipping Lines such as: Tankers, dry cargoes, off shore businesses and car carrier in Indonesia as well as in Asia region. Our staffs are consist of experience chief engineers and captains who have capable to manage the fleet from our office.

We are committed to providing quality services, focusing on safety, reliability and operational efficiency. Transocean Maritime has good relationship with many classification bureaus in working cooperation to enhance ship’s performance as well as sea communication department of Republic of Indonesia to fulfill safety procedure follow IMO regulation. 

In order to maintain the fleet and implementing ISM Code, our technical superintendents and port captains make ship visits in regular basis. We do operational budget and giving presentation to the clients at monthly meeting to explain deviation between actual costs and the budget. Quite often we do ship’s condition survey prior time charter or pre-purchase condition survey before buying the ships. We have a lot of experiences in processing of sale and purchase of vessels includes administration which should be complied to be part of registration documentation in Indonesian government.

Not only physical matters, we also maintain all of statutory and classification certificates which are needed by the ship in daily activities. Our staff very smart to monitor and renew all certificates in order to avoid any obstacles in ship’s operational. To fulfill government and classification regulations of dry docking, we are preparing repair list and the costs which will be an owner estimate before making decision of choosing the yard. During dry docking, our staff will be monitor the works to be owner representative every day.

Transocean Maritime also conduct in supervision of ship building construction in Indonesia as well as in Asian region. We have naval architect who has a lot of experiences in building construction. Moreover, Transocean Maritime capable to be a consultant in administration jobs such as: Set up a shipping company, organization structure as well as preparing financial proposal to get financing from financial institutions.

Another important job in shipping business is crew management activity.This is one of the critical point in shipping company. By pooling good seafarer, we do also crew management for several companies.

Transocean Maritime based in Jakarta, the company is led by Dr. Koes Pranowo, SE. MSM who has experiences more than twenty years in shipping business. And he also Marine engineering from Indonesia Merchant Marine Academy, who has a lot of experiences to be Chief Engineer in various ocean going vessels.