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Transocean Maritime is manager of Serasi Shipping Lines to maintain and execute transportation of crude palm oil fleet of Astra Agro Lestari by operating tugs and barges, also transporter of heavy equipment of United Tractor a subsidiary of PT. Astra International by operating multipurpose vessel and landing craft tanks.

In our fleet, we have chemical tanker for ocean going route as well as product tankers and for inter-island. Other type of the vessels, we have Ro-Ro Car Carrier vessel of Agung Concern Group to distribute automotive of Astra group such as: Toyota, Honda and Daihatsu to Tanjung Pinang, Batam and Pekan Baru.

In cement carrier, Transocean Maritime has appointed to be consultant of Lafarge Cement Indonesia (LCI) to make inspection of ship condition survey of the vessels which are hired by LCI. We also involve in other cement carrier vessels which are hired by Semen Padang and Indo Cement which distribute to other destination ports.

Not only Indonesia shipping lines, but we also serve Empire and Palomar’s fleet from Greece and TOLL Ship from Australia.



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