Transocean Maritime is acutely aware of the crewing challenges facing principal following explosive growth of the industry and the need for well trained, capable personnel to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive environment.

Indonesian seafarers offer ship owners multiple benefits ~ Indonesians love to smile! They are a naturally hospitable culture with a strong work ethic, they also tend to have the lowest rate of on board disciplinary actions from all nationalities on board and since Indonesians have strong family ties at home, they pose very little flight risk to the Principal.

Many major cruise lines have long employed the ‘Indonesian advantage’ in their recruitment strategies and have enjoyed significantly improved efficiency as a result.

Transocean Maritime is set up to serve international clients

The company is fully licensed under the auspices of the Department of Sea Transportation, government of Indonesia to conduct recruitment and placement activities on behalf of principal .Transocean Maritime is comply with MLC-2006 ,certified by Lloyd Register