We provide reputable and experiences seafarer with excellent knowledge on board and following the flag Government regulation as well as International Maritime Organization.

We have a pool of experiences seafarer in various type of vessel. Thus, we provide officers and rating depend on the vessels’ requirement which will follow the Government regulation of the vessel flag as well as International Maritime Organization.

In Indonesia, there are many Universities and Merchant Marine Academies that produce seafarers either state universities or private school spread out at various Cities. However, we must be careful to select good seafarers, not only technical skill of the maritime knowledge but also they must have good behavior and tough to face various problems at their job on board while sailing. Therefore, as Crewing Agent we have broad networks in order to get good seafarer for our clients.

Most of our staff are seafarers who have graduated from good university and merchant marine academy and they have lot of experience in ocean going voyages and they have chosen to work in office.

  • We have a lot of experiences in sending crew abroad for ocean going vessels.
  • Recruitment process is carried out by Master and Chief
  • Provide seafarer who can work professionally, tough and loyal to the company.
  • Screening and controlling the knowledge of ISM Code and Marine safety.

We aim to be a strategic partner in procuring quality ship crews in order to be efficient in ship operational and prioritizing safety by implementing the regulation of International Maritime Organization.

Ship Operation Solution